We will agree that a selection process for the desired position can be, more or less, stressful for any individual. Although face-to-face interviews and personal contact are the best way for the assessment, online interviews became a common practice in the recruitment and selection process and they require the same preparation as for the personal presentation to the desired employer.

Probably one of the biggest benefits of an online interview is that you can feel more comfortable knowing that the interview will take place in the more personal environment you have chosen, than the formal circumstances in companies. Also, you can be more flexible in scheduling the interview date, and probably you will not have to take a day off if you are employed. In your home where you have controlled conditions, you will avoid delays, traffic jams, and other factors that cause additional stress and can directly affect the quality of your presentation.

Further below, we prepared 8 tips that can help you to prepare for an online interview and use all the advantages provided by the virtual environment.

Candidate Tips:

  1. Provide and prepare technical conditions for the interview. Our advice is to check the work of the camera and application as well as the internet connection in the room you have chosen as the interview location. As an online business communication is not a daily way of communicating for some individuals, we mustn’t further complicate it with possible technical problems during the interview. Also, this moment shows that you care about the conversation and that you are motivated for the position you applied for.
  2. Prepare additional applications that you can use to communicate via a camera in the case of connection failure. Apps like WhatsApp and Viber are certainly not the first choice when we are arranging meetings or online interviews, but they can be a back-up plan if such a need arises.
  3. Provide a neutral ambient in the background. Although the focus is on the candidate, it is advisable to avoid distractions in the room that would divert attention or interrupt the conversation. Certainly, an online interview provides some comfort, but we should not forget that it is still a formal meeting, which happens in a neutral but still business context.
  4. Make sure you are alone in the room so that you can be as less distracted as it is possible with your pets and family. The duration of the interview does not take much of your time, and we assume that a motivated candidate will be able to ensure a peaceful environment during the interview. Inform your family about the meeting in advance, and place your pets in another room so that they do not interfere with the conversation.
  5. Mute the phone or any home devices that may interfere with the conversation.
  6. Be placed on an adequate distance from the camera so that you can be seen well and be able to gesture freely during the conversation. The purpose of the interview is to get to know each other to share relevant information for the position you applied. Although you are sitting in front of the camera, act naturally, and use verbal and non-verbal communication channels.
  7. Pay attention to the wardrobe and your overall appearance. Even though you are in a virtual context, your complete appearance is creating an impression on your potential, future employer. Your decent appearance and the fact you provided interview conditions we mentioned above, together, are the first steps in creating the whole impression of a candidate’s motivation. These little steps in preparation are a simple and certain way to make a positive impression on the interviewer.
  8. Prepare questions for your potential employer, pencil, paper, a glass of water, or anything you may need during an interview, to stay by your computer and do not interrupt communication. This advice applies to all types of interviews.

Good preparation for the interview is the first step in creating a positive impression with your future employer. Feel free to use the above-mentioned benefits, so that you can make a good setting and feel more comfortable during the interview. An online interview is an opportunity for you to choose the environment that will allow you to present yourself in the best light to your future employer, so it is worth taking advantage of all the opportunities it gives us.



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